Many congratulations to all our 2014 students for the wonderful, colourful and packed exhibition they put on for our annual end of year show in December. It is always fun to see the studio bursting with family and friends, supporting all our artists, and exciting to make a few sales. Each year we feature a student series conforming to a set size and theme, this year's theme was 'What summer means to me', which proved very open to interpretation!   The exhibition included work by very new students, through to work by some of our more advanced, ongoing students, many of whom have been developing more formal bodies of work exploring their own ideas and interests. Of particular note is the work of Rosemary Clarke, who this year has been exploring paper forms, torn and crumpled, upon which her paintings are based. A former printmaking student, Rosie has been developing a way of incorporating previously rejected prints into her painting practice, considering light, form, shadows and tones whilst maintaining a limited palette, and the resulting red stickers were no surprise. We would also to to acknowledge the achievement made this year by Kate Delves, Maria Urban, Brad Reynolds and Ron Taylor who have made fantastic progress, technically and developmentally with their work.   Congratulations also to our inaugural Viewers Choice award winners Charley May and Karen Chapman, with their works Snow Leopard and Free Spirit. Both were very popular paintings! We look forward to welcoming our new students and seeing our ongoing students again at the start of our year when classes resume Monday January 19. We wish all our students, friends and followers a happy new year and wonderful 2015.