Antoni_Tapies Emil_Schumacher

Abstract Painting Workshop

Terri Brooks will be conducting an Abstract Painting Workshop to be held at the ‘Painting for Beginners’ studio on March 1. This one-day workshop intensive is designed for artists with some prior painting experience who wish to expand their knowledge of abstraction.The workshop hours are from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday and includes all materials, morning tea, a lunch break to explore local eateries and an end of the day critique with wine and cheese. Terri intends to demystify abstraction by discussing the source material of many great abstractionists both Australian and international. Students will be encouraged to explore their own interests under guidance. For this reason the places are limited. For more information follow this link.
  Images: Antoni Tapies, Spanish, Catalan, 1923 – 2012, Emil Schumacher, German, 1912 – 1999.