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Reviews of our Art Classes

Reviews of our Art Classes

Originally known as Painting For Beginners, Fitzroy Painting has been running studio-based art classes since 2009. We are proud of our classes, our teachers and the courses we offer. We are especially proud of the students who put their trust in us and leave with a sense of achievement and the skills to continue painting at home. Here are some of their testimonies:


June 2019:Beginners Level 1

Really liked this class. Absolute beginner I was and found it fun and rewarding. Great snacks too and lovely supportive vibe. Thanks Kez!

April 2019: Introduction to Oil Painting

Introduction to Oil Painting was an informative instructive and inpiring day. The instructors, Kez and Adrienne, are both very experienced in the medium and in teaching. They gave us a well structured day with clear straight forward directions. And served delicious home made cakes in the morning and cheeses with wine in the afternoon. I particularly like Kez’s straight up no nonsense style of humour.

Sheng Yi

April 2019: Beginners Level 2

Loved every moment of it! I did the Level 1 course about 6 months ago and have been keeping up a home practice, and I really got so much out of Level 2 thanks to Kez.


April 2019: Portrait Painting with Yvette Coppersmith

Yvette is an inspiring person. She is generous with her knowledge on how to paint and suggests a range of approaches which may work for you . She teaches with precision as well as gusto. I found her demonstrations and her use of colour exciting .


March 2019: Watercolours – The Natural World

A great intro to watercolour painting. We were a small group of students but all received one on one instruction and advice from an excellent teacher. The course really helped me to look at things (in nature) differently. I’m keen to do more classes!


March 2019: Drawing for Beginners

I did the beginners drawing class and it was so lovely! Such a relaxing learning environment and I learnt more than I honestly expected, definitely recommend! 🙂

March 2019: Beginners Level 1

Kez and Adriane are fantastic, and the studio is a wonderful space. Loved going there, and felt like we were taught a solid foundation in a short amount of time- I’m now keen to keep up my new found love of oil painting!

March 2019: Beginners Level 1

Our teacher was a knowledgable and patient professional. The classes were always interesting and fun with good music and great food. I always looked forward to Wednesday nights and was never disappointed. I would highly recommend this course.

March 2019: Watercolours – The Natural World

Terrific, loved the course! Lovely environment to aquire new skills from a present and talented tutor. Looking forward to continuing my practice.


March 2019: Beginners Level 1

Thoroughly enjoyed the beginners level 1 class. Kez (the teacher) was knowledgable, fun, provided feedback on technique, and taught from ground level basics up to a level where I feel confident going off and practising on my own. They provided wine and delicious cheese which made the night even more enjoyable and relaxed. It was easily the highlight of my week and looked forward to it each time. I will definitely be considering the next level class – if I can improve my skills beforehand!

February 2019: Introduction to Oil Painting

A fantastic intro to oil painting. Adriane and Kez are great teachers. As a complete movie to any form of art (as in not picked up a paintbrush ever!) I found them to be patient, informative, encouraging and they created a fun and warm environment to learn in. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something completely new ! I’ve already signed up to the beginners 4 week course as I loved it that much. Thanks ladies !!

January 2019: Introduction to Oil Painting

My experience was nothing but fun. Very welcoming staff. Funky little studio. Safe work practices. And I never imagined how satisfying the simple process of mixing oil paints could be let alone painting a picture. I loved this workshop.

January 2019: Introduction to Oil Painting

It was great to work with good quality materials, and the staff were fantastic at explaining and assisting with each step. Having done this workshop, I have a much better understanding of oil paints and their distinctive qualities. Thanks for a great day!

January 2019: Portrait Painting Workshop

I don’t think you could find a better introduction to portrait painting than this course. Besides being an Archibald winner, Yvette is an excellent teacher. She is encouraging and pushes you to work quickly with confidence. Even just watching her demonstrate is very valuable. The studio is fantastic, great space. high quality materials and excellent teachers in general. (Not to mention the delicious cheese and wine!).

January 2019: Beginners Level 1

Fully enjoyed the classes in this course. Adriane’s studio space is airy and cosy, and Kez is an amazing teacher who is able to create a relaxed atmosphere yet paces the class effectively so we can get through our paintings within the sessions. Nibbles help too! Highly recommend.

November 2018: Beginners Level 1

I’m so glad that I attended the 4-Week Beginners Oil Painting Course, I walked away with so much needed fundamental principals, each week is a block of a clever modular building approach and at the end of the course all comes together in the final painting exercise. I had the privilege to learn from Adrianne and John both are very professional and excellent teachers, John’s watchful aye followed by on the spot advice and demonstration saved me from reinforcing my mistakes, thanks to Adrianne now I think about color harmony and I’m getting better at planning and organising my palette. Highly recommended.

December 2018: Introduction to Oil Painting

Beautiful location, exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly instructor. Small class size. Well laid out class program, relaxed and to the point. I would highly recommend this class for an insight into the wonderful world of oil painting.

November 2018: Watercolour Workshop

Thank you for a lovely Sunday. It was both enriching and meditating. It was a perfect introduction to watercolour painting. The full day was the right way to do it for me, as it allowed me to work on one piece and see ways to improve it, rather than giving up on it too quickly. The studio and teachers were great, and the other students a lovely group. Delicious cake for morning tea!

November 2018: Beginners Level 1

I was a total beginner at painting and I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Adriane is a great teacher, giving tips on how to improve, the people in the class were also lovely, got to create some nice paintings, plus it had cheese, wine… what more could you ask for! Would definitely recommend.

November 2018: Watercolour Workshop

Terrific workshop, well organised, teacher was great and everyone was lovely. I learnt so much in a bright, relaxed and comfortable studio setting. Great day!

November 2018: Portrait Workshop

Awesome class with Yvette! I travelled interstate to attend and it was totally rewarding. Yvette is a natural teacher and her guidance really lifted me. An inspiration. The class was well organised and simply flowed. Loved the ambience of the studio space. Flawless!

November 2018: Portrait Workshop

This class was inspiring well, organised and lots of fun!!

November 2018: Watercolour Class

I thoroughly enjoyed the four week watercolour course at Fitzroy painting. The course is run in a supportive environment, great if your a nervous novice like I was. Teacher Judith explained and demonstrated basic techniques very well as well as giving plenty of one on one tuition and support each week. The icing on the cake was the morning tea’s (no icing actually but lovely cakes) 

October 2018: Drawing Studio

As a novice to drawing, I found this class very comfortable as there were people with varying degrees of drawing skill. John, our instructor, delivered the lesson with professionalism combined with humour that relaxed us. He was also very encouraging and helpful if anyone seemed to struggle. I would recommend this class and am considering enrolling for the 4 week course.

September 2018: Oil Painting Materials Workshop

The one day workshop was excellent. Kez packed a great deal of detailed and extensive information into the time and I feel I got a really good basis from which to go on and explore the various material aspects of oil painting. Further references, where to get more help, how to buy intelligently… all of it.

September 2018: Introduction to Oil Painting Workshop

Yvette Coppersmith’s Portait Painting workshop at Fitzroy Painting was brilliant. Her process of building skills through exploring facial geometrically, tone and colour and doing preparatory studies, concentrating on portrait proportions, was illuminating. And her demonstration of painting techniques was hugely valuable. This workshop has totally enhanced my painting practice. I feel my observational skills are strengthened and I now have a structure for working with the portrait. Yvette’s guidance was personal and attentive. She is the most congenial and skilled teacher.

September 2018: Introduction to Oil Painting Workshop

I really enjoyed attending the introduction to oil painting. Kez is a great teacher. I really felt I developed a feel for colour mixing and working with oil paints and was thrilled to have produced a painting by the end of the day. I would recommend this introduction to anyone interested in learning how to use oil paints.

July 2018: Beginners Level 1

I really loved the level one course. I surprised myself with how much I learned, as an absolute beginner who hadn’t done any painting in over a decade since high school. Kez is a brilliant teacher; really friendly and approachable but to the point and constructive in her feedback. I had such a great time – I can’t wait to come back for level two.

July 2018: Mixed Media Drawing Workshop

I really enjoyed the day and was inspired to continue drawing and experimenting with various media. The atmosphere was warm and tranquil and conducive to creativity….excellent catering too!

July 2018: Mixed Media Drawing Workshop

This work shop was great fun with loads of energy. Due to the limited numbers the course was perfect for lots of individual attention. Andrew is an energetic teacher and others in the class were great fun. Don’t miss the next one!

July 2018: Portrait Workshop

What a wonderful class! Everything was in its place and there was a place for everyone. Yvette is as good a teacher as I have seen, supportive and looking for the student to be their best. Adriane kept a steady hand overall, and the day flowed effortlessly. Delicious cake too. Thank you Yvette and Adriane!

June 2018: Beginners Level 1

The teachers are fantastic, I learnt so much in such a short time! I will definitely be taking more classes!

May 2018: Beginners Level 1

As an absolute beginner, I was a little worried about how I’d go but everything is explained very clearly and all the basics are covered. It’s a very warm and welcoming environment. I’ve been raving about these classes to everyone I talk to, I’ve really been enjoying them! The cake is delicious too!

May 2018: Watercolour Workshop

Brilliant experience and would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn in a friend environment with a lovely group of people. Thank you so much for the experience. I will be back again!

April 2018: Portrait Workshop

A great one day class! Yvette is a wonderful teacher and brings a great vibe to the class. I learnt a lot and it with brilliantly facilitated. Thanks

March 2018: Oil Painting Materials Workshop

WOW! Such an amazing session with Kez Hughes on Oil Painting Materials. Kez’ knowledge is boundless when it comes to Oil Painting materials. I loved the hands-on practical elements of the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed learning about mediums, paints, brushes and painting surfaces – all of which I hope to put into practice as I continue my painting journey! Thank you Fitzroy Painting for even more inspiration!!

March 2018: Oil Painting Materials Workshop

If you paint in oils you need to do this. Packed full of info telling you mucho about different mediums, solvents, brushes, oil paints, canvases and papers in a relaxed and interactive format. Also there’s coffee and cake 😊 Thanks Kez 🎨

March 2018: NGV Study Tour

Fabulous tour of the NGV with John. Leading us through each period of painting in the varied sections of the NGV, John progressively explained the development of paint mediums and painting techniques as well as some key insights into specific painters and their impact in changing styles. A truly inspirational Saturday morning!

March 2018: Beginners Level 1

Great introductory class aimed at people at all levels. Though it probably does hurt if you have picked up a paintbrush before, it’s not entirely necessary 🙂 Yummy nibbles and wine is a bonus!

March 2018: Beginners Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 evenings with Kez at Fitzroy Painting. I had no previous experience of painting and everything was explained clearly and engagingly. I got a real sense of accomplishment even after only a few hours. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone and I’ll miss my Wednesday nights in the studio when I forgot the time for three hours. The wine and snacks were delish too!

March 2018: Beginners Level 1

Loved attending these classes. They were exactly what I was looking for to understand the basics of using oil paints and learning about colour and shade. Art teacher Kez was an awesome teacher.

December 2017:

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience in the 3 week Beginners Painting Course, Level 1A. Kez is the most talented, kind and patient person, who has a natural talent for teaching and imparting pearls of wisdom and practical, understandable advice. I have not picked up a paint brush since art in high school (over 12 years ago) and this somehow did not impact on my progress in the classes! My sincere thanks to Adriane for creating and sharing such an inspiring, comfortable and special place to grow both artistically and personally. Fitzroy Painting feels like a second home that I always eagerly look forward visiting.


December 2017:

Great beginner course. Highly recommended. Very informative teacher in a relaxed atmosphere.

December 2017:

Terrific teacher and loads of fun. Will be back again!

December 2017:

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring my creative side at the beginners painting classes. The pace was easy to follow and the guidance of Kez was wonderful. She was very patient and encouraging and you could see she wanted the students to get the most out of the classes.

September 2017:

A well-organised class with a range of styles from very structured to … not so much. Plus real coffee and home- baking. I felt challenged and inspired by a very enjoyable day. Thanks heaps Adriane and Andrew. I look forward to doing more classes when time permits.

September 2017:

I have been attending Painting classes with Adriane for 4 years now and have loved the opportunity to mix with other students, widen my knowledge of art styles and artists, and of course be tutored by Adriane. She is a master of understanding where I want to go with my art before I do. I have been encouraged to try different techniques with paint and drawing mediums and
I love my time in the studio on Tuesday mornings.

September 2017:

I really enjoyed my art classes, there was a lot of personal instruction given which made it worthwhile and reassuring. The class was relaxed and spacious. The food was delicious and ample. The wine was also wonderful. Thankyou for everything, I had a great 4 weeks.

September 2017:

This painting course is perfect for anyone interested in starting oil painting or rekindling a previous interest in the arts. I had the pleasure of working with both Kez and Adriane over the 4 week course and they were both so welcoming and informative about where to begin with oil painting. It can seem daunting at first but with the atmosphere of their amazing studio and the expertise behind them, this is a wonderful place to start out. I look forward to carrying on with the second course when the time permits. A+++ Highly recommended!

July 2017:

As someone who has never been artistic, I was amazed at how much could be achieved in a few lessons. Our tecacher, Kez, was excellent at guiding us and was also really lovely. The set-up was nice, and being a small class I never felt like I didn’t have help Having some wine and cheese to go along with the class also didn’t hurt! 🙂

July 2017:

I learnt about mixing colours, creating colours and about tone and shade. I also learnt about how to draw the shapes before painting, about backgrounds, shadows and bringing life to the painted objects. The class size of approximately 10 was great so it was wonderful to get to meet people from different walks of life and share our ‘painting’ experiences each week. The class instructor, Kez, was fun and so helpful in giving us clear instructions and the assistance we needed to continue weekly tasks. It was never a bother ( especially with those of us who were less able!!) wine and cheese provided was fabulous too!! Many thanks!!

July 2017:

Awesome class – learnt so much in such a short time and really did more than I had expected I could do given I hadn’t ever painted before. Totally fun atmosphere with genuine people. Highly recommended. Teachers at Fitzroy Painting are brilliant!

July 2017:

Perfect introduction and foundation for learning the art of oil painting. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with small class sizes. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced and able to answer all of our beginner’s questions. The first week focused on the basics of materials (brushes, mediums, solvents) and colour theory (primary, secondary, tertiary) and how to mix pigments (colour wheel, tint, shade). Weeks 2, 3, and 4, focused an applying these skills to practice and working on painting still life depictions of 3D shapes (cubes, spheres, cups, bottles), with a particular emphasis on shadows and gradients to create depth. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for an entry-level course into Oil Painting.

July 2017:

Class was terrific, everything that I was hoping for and more. Have booked in for Beginners 2 course. Highly recommend.

June 2017
Great class. Kez made you feel relaxed and proud of your progress. Every single person significantly improved by the final class, thanks to Kez. Would highly recommend this class to beginners. The cheese and wine were great too!

June 2017
I had a great time in this class. Kez was a wonderful encouraging teacher. We learnt the basics of oil painting such as how to mix paints to create the colour we need and how to use tone to convey light, shade and shape. The studio has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, particularly with the wine and cheese at hand. 😉

May 2017
Lots of technique and information given, highly productive classes, individual support available throughout, nice little wine and cheese added to ambience. A lot covered and achieved in 4 weeks. A good place for starting to work with oils and still life.

May 2017
The basics of oil painting in a structured way, with a lovely ambiance.

April 2017
Loved it again. Last year I did level 1 and this year level 2. No previous painting experience. Learnt new styles and techniques in level 2. Pushed me out of my comfort zone but felt supported. Really appreciate the teachers belief in all of us. We might all have different styles but we can all do it.

April 2017
Had an excellent 4 weeks with Kez Beginners stage 2. Really enjoyed the classes and Kez’s teaching. She is really hands on, attentive and pushes you without making it uncomfortable. Looking forward to continuing on and learning more from Kez. Would highly recommend the class, whether you just want 4 weeks of something fun and different or your really keen to make painting a life long hobby.

March 2017:
Excellent. Learnt many skills in a very short time. Very relaxed atmosphere.

March 2017:
Really enjoyed the first 4 week beginners class in Oil Painting, with both John and Kez teaching at different times. Stepped us through some real fundamentals, shading, tonal painting, color wheel, shadows and more, and inspired me to book into the next level for beginners.

March 2017:
A great introduction to the basics of painting such as colour, tint and shade. Learning to blend and paint real life pictures. It also included an introduction to composition and how to interpret shapes and shadow from the eye to the canvas.

February 2017:
I learned so much from this class – basic colour theory, composition, seeing light, how to use oil paint (more to it than I thought!), and even how to clean up easily! Adriane and Kez were patient but prepared to challenge you. Thanks! I will be back for the next level!

November 2016:
I really enjoyed this 4 week class. The instructors were skilled and friendly, and I learned a lot about how to paint. It’s given me the confidence to continue painting at home. My friends and family now think I’m a pro! The cheese and wine are a nice addition too. I’d recommend purchasing the kit, it took the stress out of getting the right materials.

October 2016:
The class was awesome!

June 2016:
Great class, with excellent introduction to colour and painting technique/ Lets you go at your own pace with very supportive and constructive feedback.

June 2016:
I thoroughly enjoyed Painting for Beginners. Some of the area’s covered included: mixing colours, shading, medium & glaze techniques. John was a great teacher; he was approachable, friendly & entertaining. The small class size enabled John to give constant feedback on our work, I felt comfortable asking questions. The cheese, wine & tea supplied during the class was delicious. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use oil paints or to further their skills in the area.

April 2016:
Great supportive class

April 2016:
Absolutely loved it! Good environment, excellent teacher. As an absolute beginner I felt comfortable and supported and I learnt a lot. I was amazed with the level of paintings we all produced.

March 2016:
Money well spent. I learnt more than I thought I possibly could in just 4 weeks. You only need blue, red, yellow and white paint to make any colour, even black!! The studio is situated in a wonderful old building with a lot of character. Our instructor Kez, was welcoming, friendly and very knowledgable (a great artist). I haven’t stopped telling people how much I enjoyed the beginners course. I plan on going back later in the year. Can’t wait!

March 2016:
Great experience

March 2016:
The class was fantastic! A really great atmosphere to learn in and for someone who has never painted before I felt no expectations or judgment. Lovely group of people, wonderful teacher and a nice relaxed space to learn in.

Feb 2016:
One of the best things I have done. I went from not having picked up a paint brush since kindergarten to confidently doing paintings that are now hanging on my wall. It is a very relaxed, supportive and fun atmosphere to learn in.

June 2015:
Just the best environment to learn and enjoy the experience.

June 2015:
I’ve learnt so much with Adriane. My painting has really improved and I have a much better awareness of colour, tone, overall composition and various techniques using acrylic and oil paints. I love the informal class structure and the expert advice she provides.

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