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Reviews of our Art Classes

Reviews of our Art Classes

Originally known as Painting For Beginners, Fitzroy Painting has been running studio-based art classes since 2009. We are proud of our classes, our teachers and the courses we offer. We are especially proud of the students who put their trust in us and leave with a sense of achievement and the skills to continue painting at home. Here are some of their testimonies:

May 2021: Drawing Studio 1

I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 drawing classes and the use of differing drawing mediums, from pencil, charcoal, ink and coloured pencils. Our teacher, Ebony, was a delightful person who while being a gifted artist was also a great teacher and gave us all lots of encouragement and practical assistance.

May 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 1

These were my first classes for watercolour. Judith was a great teacher, making the time to discuss progress with each student. I loved the use of natural materials. It was challenging but we all had some success. The coffee and bikkies were a treat as well. I will be continuing to next classes.

Landscape Workshop

This landscape workshop focused on learning how to paint beautiful landscapes with oils. Really enjoyed the two day and learned a lot from Troy, he’s an excellent tutor.

April 2021: Contemporary Still Life

This was an informative and fun class with a highly knowledgeable teacher, Ebony Truscott. This class teaches tips and techniques for creating a modern still life painting with oils and I learned a lot, from setting up my composition, sketching from paper to canvas and the process of painting the still life from beginning to completion. The class is within the Fitzroy Painting studio, which is a fantastic environment. Highly recommended!

April 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 2

I’m so enjoying spending time in the light filled studio with wonderful guidance from Judith and an interesting group of enthusiastic people. So glad I found Fitzroy Painting.

 April 2021: Beginners Oil Painting Level 1

This was exactly what I was after, and a whole lot more! I loved the plant-filled studio, devoured the mid-morning amaretti biscuits, and really appreciated the patience and passion from the teacher, Judith. Thanks so much – can’t wait to take the Level 2 course.

March 2021: Beginners Oil Painting Level 1

A seriously fantastic class. I was so nervous to start that I put it off for years. Ebony was such a great teacher that after finishing the 4th class, I have the confidence to explore painting at home. The studio is relaxing and inspiring, and it was great to see everyone in the class develop their skills over the 4 weeks. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in painting for the first time. 10/10

March 2021: Watercolour Workshop for Beginners

I’ve been dabbling with watercolour painting for a while now, but I wanted to get some expertise knowledge on watercolour techniques so I wouldn’t be 2nd guessing on how to tackle my watercolours. Judith’s Sunday class was great. Set up in an art studio in the heart of Fitzroy, with a small group of participants so quality time was given to each student. The day course was very informative as Judith gave us demonstrations on techniques as we were given fun exercises to do such as colour mixing & painting sea urchins. A very relaxing day as we learnt, painted & chatted amongst a lovely group of people. I would highly recommend doing this beginners watercolour class or the other watercolour classes by Judith, if you ever want to learn this beautiful medium. Or if you want to treat yourself & a friend to a fun & creative activity, this is the place to go to! 👍😉🌺

March 2021: Watercolours:The Natural World Level 1

A really great beginners class. Have learnt lots and looking forward to continuing in the next level! The teacher spends time with each student and is very encouraging, highly recommend.

February 2021: Beginners Oil Painting Level 1

I really enjoyed doing the course. Very glad that I went with the 4 week course instead of the one day intensive. The studio was beautiful. Right in Fitzroy which was just a nice cool place to wander in. Very easy to get to by PT. People were lovely. I had fun spending a few hours each Saturday learning how to paint in a friendly and supportive environment. The course was very hands on from the start which I liked. Took home two paintings by the end of the course. It was great that the studio offered kit hire. That definitely made life a lot easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give oil painting a go.

February 2021: Drawing Studio 1

We just enjoyed a great four week drawing class with Ebony. Everything about it was fantastic, the school is generous with materials, knowledge and snacks!

February 2021: Monday Night Studio

What an amazing experience! Ebony and the group are great. I spent a great moment and will come back regularly for sure! The studio is a beautiful place with this bohemian Fitzroy aspect! You come with your own projects, you can exchange and being inspired and receiving clear and constructive advices from Ebony.

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