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Reviews of our Art Classes

Reviews of our Art Classes

Originally known as Painting For Beginners, Fitzroy Painting has been running studio-based art classes since 2009. We are proud of our classes, our teachers and the courses we offer. We are especially proud of the students who put their trust in us and leave with a sense of achievement and the skills to continue painting at home. Here are some of their testimonies:

November 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 1

I was not sure what to expect as I’d never participated in a class anywhere before. I was welcomed, introduced, directed, given my purchased bag of supplies. Seated and we started – I loved every minute. And will definitely return 2022 to continue, practice, share. Given so many helpful hints, information and advice. Lovely to meet a new group of people. Highly recommend this well run, organised enterprise.

August 2021: Beginners Oil Painting Level 1

Everything about this class was wonderful- you genuinely learn so much and can see your improvement week on week. The instructor Kez is brilliant- so knowledgeable, a brilliant teacher and genuinely funny. She is the perfect person to make you feel excited, inspired and supported. Can’t say enough good things about this course. Do it!

July 2021: Master Copy Portrait Painting Workshop

The most inspired mix of the practical, philosophical and information all within a days work shop. There are literally hours a follow up perfect practice techniques at home based on this one session with Troy. Despite being the least along the painters path in the group, Fitzroy Painting provided a supportive environment with which to challenge oneself outside the comfort zone. Highly recommended and I look forward to further training in painting in their studio!

July 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 1

Wonderful light lit art studio in the heart of Fitzroy. Judith is an incredible painter and supportive and knowledgeable teacher. The classes are fun, joyful and challenging (in a good way). Watercolour is a sensitive and difficult medium. So much of its beauty lies in the acceptance of serendipity and the unexpected nature of the outcome in the painting process that involved a fine balance of having some control while letting go as I quickly discovered. I learned so much in four weeks and I am excited to continue my journey of creative recovery and discovery at Fitzroy painting. I feel so lucky to have found this very special place :)

July 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 1

5 STARS!!! This was such an amazing class! I am not an artist and, frankly, watercolours are particularly challenging for my perfectionist personality type and yet.. I really loved this class and felt like I learned so much more than painting. I talk too much and fuss over small things and watercolours force you to slow down and literally see the world differently… thank you Judith! You are both talented AND patient and that’s a rare combo!

June 2021: Tuesday Morning Studio

Adriane is such an amazing teacher with lots of patience. I just rock up to the art class and this is my first painting class. Despite all these, she patiently guide me in the drawing process and run me through. I really appreciate her efforts and make me want to learn more about oil painting. If you are still hesitate if you should join the class, the answer is YES. I had great fun, enjoy and felt therapeutic!

June 2021: Introduction to Oil Painting

I loved the Introduction to Oil Painting course run by Kez & Judith. The teachers were lovely and made the day fun and insightful. I learnt about techniques and materials I had not worked with before. I especially found recapping on the colour wheel and learning how to mix all your colours from 3 primary colours to be brilliant. Thanks again and I’ll be back for more classes! 

June 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 2

What a great experience in Judith’s class at Fitzroy Painting. The studio provides a great environment that is encouraging and welcoming for all skill levels. Judith caters well for the varying degrees of support required from the very new to watercolour to the more experienced working on their own projects. Even though I have been painting for a while, it was great to go back to a few steps I had missed like color mixing and techniques to achieve various styles of layering. If you’re new to watercolour or an old hand looking for some community to enjoy your craft with – this class will suit.

May 2021: Drawing Studio 1

I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 drawing classes and the use of differing drawing mediums, from pencil, charcoal, ink and coloured pencils. Our teacher, Ebony, was a delightful person who while being a gifted artist was also a great teacher and gave us all lots of encouragement and practical assistance.

May 2021: Watercolours: The Natural World Level 1

These were my first classes for watercolour. Judith was a great teacher, making the time to discuss progress with each student. I loved the use of natural materials. It was challenging but we all had some success. The coffee and bikkies were a treat as well. I will be continuing to next classes.

April 2021: Landscape Workshop

This landscape workshop focused on learning how to paint beautiful landscapes with oils. Really enjoyed the two day and learned a lot from Troy, he’s an excellent tutor.

April 2021: Contemporary Still Life

This was an informative and fun class with a highly knowledgeable teacher, Ebony Truscott. This class teaches tips and techniques for creating a modern still life painting with oils and I learned a lot, from setting up my composition, sketching from paper to canvas and the process of painting the still life from beginning to completion. The class is within the Fitzroy Painting studio, which is a fantastic environment. Highly recommended!

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