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Reviews of our Art Classes

Reviews of our Art Classes

Originally known as Painting For Beginners, Fitzroy Painting has been running studio-based art classes since 2009. We are proud of our classes, our teachers and the courses we offer. We are especially proud of the students who put their trust in us and leave with a sense of achievement and the skills to continue painting at home. Here are some of their testimonies:

February 2021: Beginners Level 1

I really enjoyed doing the course. Very glad that I went with the 4 week course instead of the one day intensive. The studio was beautiful. Right in Fitzroy which was just a nice cool place to wander in. Very easy to get to by PT. People were lovely. I had fun spending a few hours each Saturday learning how to paint in a friendly and supportive environment. The course was very hands on from the start which I liked. Took home two paintings by the end of the course. It was great that the studio offered kit hire. That definitely made life a lot easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give oil painting a go.

February 2021: Drawing Studio 1

We just enjoyed a great four week drawing class with Ebony. Everything about it was fantastic, the school is generous with materials, knowledge and snacks!

February 2021: Monday Night Studio

What an amazing experience! Ebony and the group are great. I spent a great moment and will come back regularly for sure! The studio is a beautiful place with this bohemian Fitzroy aspect! You come with your own projects, you can exchange and being inspired and receiving clear and constructive advices from Ebony.

January 2021: Portrait Drawing Workshop

Full day workshop with Troy Argyros learning to draw in the style of the old masters. Troy explained clearly what to do and gave excellent feedback to each participant. The best recommendation is the beautiful drawings that everyone produced.

January 2021: Introduction to Oil Painting

A Sunday spent perfectly with oil painting for beginners. Kez and Adriane are extremely knowledgeable on the medium, technique and practice of oils. The “Dad jokes” throughout class added many giggles helping take the anxiety and nervousness away from learning something new. If I was in Melbourne permanently, I would sign up for the course! If you’re thinking about it… DO IT!!!

December 2020: Master Copy Portrait Painting Workshop

Really enjoyed this relaxing and friendly workshop with very profession (yet approachable) teachers. Thanks for the lovely time, wonderful food and drink service (COVID-safe of course). This studio space really helps me get motivated to practice, create and paint! See you soon.

December 2020: Drawing Studio Level 1

Just completed my first 4 week drawing class with Ebony. Loved it! A really evocative 19 century studio space. Perfect environment to try a range of techniques. Ebony is really encouraging. I’m enrolling for more classes. Highly recommended.

December 2020: Watercolours Level 1

What a wonderful studio tucked away in Fitzroy. A friend invited me to join her for a class. The instructor was amazing! Attentive, giving all students guidance and direction. The atmosphere was professional – here to get work done; but so warm, welcoming and friendly! I highly recommend this experience whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner!

December 2020: Drawing Studio 1

A course I would highly recommend. Each week we covered different drawing methods, materials and techniques. Charcoal, pen, coloured pens and last week ink. The teacher Ebony kept a good balance between allowing time to work on your own and getting constructive feedback. It was also a good bunch of people in the group and we all enjoyed getting out of the Covid lockdown. All in all a highly recommended course.

December 2020: Beginners Oil Painting Level 1

Such a great course! Fun and supportive teaching environment! Even if you think you have no natural ability, try this class and you’ll feel like a pro!

November 2020: Tuesday Morning Studio

Excellent painting class. I started as a beginner and I’m certainly getting better! Great staff and yummy morning tea. This is Melbourne so there is, of course, good coffee.

November 2020: Tuesday Morning Studio

So fantastic to be able to paint again after such a long time in lockdown. It was so lovely to reconnect with our lovely and talented teacher Adriane and our class group. We all mentioned how much we missed our weekly classes and how great it was to be back together again in our creative, happy space.

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