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Adriane Strampp, Teacher

Adriane Strampp

Founder & Director, Fitzroy Painting

American born and UK educated, Adriane Strampp has been living and working in Australia for over 30 years. Drawn to finding connections from a peripatetic childhood, Strampp gathers imagery from her past and present to create scenes that are both personally meaningful yet also hold a collective sense of familiarity. Whilst the landscape has been a recurring subject in her work, Strampp uses it as a background to her continuing exploration of places or moments remembered. Interest is not in the mimetic representation of the landscape, but rather the suggestion of presence of the viewer, the search for familiarity and the triggers that help us connect the past with the present.

Strampp has held over 35 solo exhibitions around Australia and internationally, as well as participating in numerous group shows and art awards regularly, and  has a Master of Fine Arts (by Research) from Monash University (2010). Strampp lectured in Painting and Drawing at Melbourne Polytechnic for 15 years at diploma and degree levels, and is represented by King St Gallery in Sydney and Jan Manton Gallery in Brisbane. Her complete CV can be read here.


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