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Geoff Tolchard, Sessional Teacher



Geoff Tolchard is a UK-born Australian artist and lecturer living in Northern NSW, specialising in painting and drawing, with a strong interest in art history and theory.

Class description:

Geoff will be running occasional lectures on art history at Fitzroy Painting, beginning with an overview of the time-line of painting ‘From Cave Painting to Banksy’. Subsequent lectures will look at specific periods in greater depth. Contact us for upcoming dates.

‘In an age when ‘real’ spaces are being superseded by virtual ones, one can be anywhere.

Marshall Mcluhan’s maxim “The Global Village” has seen the planet merge with more than just the all pervasive “medium is the message”, immigration on a large scale has reduced borders and challenged cultural identity.

Challenging perspectives have emerged, exposing personal associations between individual authenticity and integrity taken from what is a vast mosaic of cultural identity.

My enquiry is with the adjustment of these perceived abstracted as well as physical spaces which are constantly evolving and re-structuring.

How do we individually transplant firmly situated spaces images and motifs and merge/camouflage ourselves seamlessly into our new surroundings?

How do we translate/traverse these borders?

How do we fit into the picture in new public spaces and possible discordant private perceptions?’

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